NanoFoamer PRO

NanoFoamer PRO

Hands-Free, Automatic Microfoam Maker

Heated and perfectly textured microfoam is now possible at the touch of a button.

This product is on pre-order via Indiegogo and will ship in late summer.



Introducing NanoFoamer V2 and Lithium

Perfect microfoamed milk in seconds for your cappuccino.
Completely re-engineered with over sixteen major improvements, and a more powerful rechargeable version.

FlowTip Jug

FlowTip Jug

Your best latte art awaits

A latte art jug with a comfortable heat resistant handle. Perfect for stovetops or steam wands.



Contactless, Effortless, Fast

Instantly check the temperature of your milk without any cleanup afterwards.


What they say about us

“Far exceeds my expectations”

Simple to use. Poured great latte art the first time. Makes excellent microfoam as good as regular steaming. I’ve been pouring latte art for nearly 20 years so I’m very experienced.

“Shockingly good”

Its like 95% as silky as pro steam! This is best product for the money!

“Surprisingly Good”

I'm not a barista, nor a latte art master, I just enjoy a good coffee. I've tried other frothing solutions that have ended up being too flimsy, too complex or not effective. The NanoFoamer seems to hit that sweet spot between solid construction, ease or use (and cleaning) and producing good results.

“Excellent for home baristas!”

The Nanofoamer creates a consistent sheen of microfoam that parallels the steam wands of a La Marzocco or Sinesso. The easy and intuitive change between the fine and superfine screens help you work with different types of frothed milk. Overall an excellent product for home baristas that wish to recreate cafe style latte art in the confines of their home!

“It works!”

I've been looking for a milk foamer for years that would let me create cappuccinos at home. I've tried a few but none of them were quite right. Finally, this is it. It works like a charm, just like the videos. 100% recommend getting this if you want espresso-based drinks at home.

“So easy to learn”

After reading the instructions and watching a few different videos I practiced a handful of times before finding the method that works for me. The milk really does look like something you'd get from a coffee shop. I've been a barista for 6 years and worked in several different coffee shops...this tool allows me to make beautiful drinks without an expensive machine.


Makes superfine microfoam

Microfoam milk has bubbles so fine, you don’t even see them anymore, the milk is transformed into a velvety texture, and pouring this milk feels more like pouring wet paint, than it is pouring foamy milk.

It is now possible to produce this incredible foam texture without any fancy expensive equipment. All you need is a NanoFoamer.

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Craving barista-style cappuccinos

With the NanoFoamer & FlowTip jug, you can make amazing drinks at home without even owning an espresso machine!

Latte art requires some practice

The pros make it look easy, but first timers can find it challenging. That’s why we produced a MasterClass for all of our customers.

The class is fun and full of great tips for beginners. Taught by two-time world champion Lance Hedrick.

You Can Even Build a Bundle and Save

Step 1. Choose a NanoFoamer

Step 2. Choose a FlowTip Jug

Step 3. Pick either free NanoScreens or a Thermometer for one third of the original price.